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Introducing the most talented boxing STABLE in the country, the new series goes behind-the-scenes with Shane McGuigan and his fighters.

The four-part series will follow trainers Shane and Jake McGuigan, sons of International Boxing Hall of Famer, Barry McGuigan, as they manage a stable of fighters based at their gym.

The gym’s fighters include Chris Billam Smith, recent winner of the WBO World Cruiserweight title, and Ellie Scotney, whose dream of fighting for a world title turns to dust when her opponent – also a former trainee of Shane’s – refuses to fight her if it means seeing her former mentor.

Shane’s stable of fighters also includes Hassan and Adam Azim, billed as boxing’s next superstar brothers, as well as Robbie Davies Jr and Anthony Fowler.

The docuseries, which is currently in production, also touches on the loss of Shane’s sister Danika to cancer in July 2019, at the age of just 33.

“Stable” will be directed by Gavin Fitzgerald.

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