Oasis 'Supersonic'

The new Oasis documentry celebrating 20 years since the record breaking Knebworth Stadium tour.

‘We’re incredibly excited to be releasing this seminal film about the greatest rock n roll band of the last 30 years. The phenomenal Box Office success of Amy has shown that there is an audience that is hungry for music documentaries on the big screen, and are working towards a Summer 2016 saturation release in UK cinemas’


About the film

The Film, Directed by Mat Whitecross's will document the journey from the moment in 1991 when Noel Gallagher joined his brother Liam's band. The two boys who shared a bedroom growing up, were now sharing a stage.

In less than three years Oasis would release their first album Definitely Maybe - becoming the fastest-selling debut album in British history to date. By 1996, Oasis announced they were to play two nights at Knebworth Park. 2.6 million applied for tickets, the band played to 125,000 fans per night- they could have played 20 nights.

Director: Mat Whitecross
Producer: Fiona Neilson, James Gay-Rees, Simon Halfon
Executive Producer: Asif Kapadia
Stars: Liam Gallagher, Noel Gallagher.